Friday, December 19, 2008

Paws of Promise

As all of you know my passion in life has been and always will be my animals. We have had the honor of adopting 4 cats and 4 dogs. They have enriched our lives in ways I can't even begin to describe. We are thankful for all the joy, laughter, comfort, and solace they provide every single day.

It is winter here and aside from hibernating there isn't a whole lot of activity going on. So instead of being a lazy couch potato all the time I wanted motivation to get downstairs and use the wonderful elliptical machine we have. And the bike, and the stair master.

So, for the winter season I will walk/climb/ride/elip my little heart out.

And all you have to do is donate to your local shelter or to the SPCA. Through the rest of this year they have a challenge grant going on so anything you donate gets doubled. How cool is that?
Because of the challenge grant I won't ask for people to donate through paypal as was done with the MS Society walk I did this summer. The button on the left with the kitty will take you directly to the ASPCA donation site.

And I know times are hard so if you can't donate financially check out the website of a local shelter. They could always use things like blankets, towels etc. Not to mention the dollar spot at target always seems to have dog/cat stuff. Buy a few balls, collars, leashes, whatever and bring that to your local shelter. Believe me, it is appreciated more than there are words for.

Comment if you donate anything. I'll keep a list on the side bar.

Thank you all.